Shampoo & Acid treatment

Get back your healthy-looking hair by Habeas

Hair (protein) oxidizes when it becomes too alkaline

Hydrogen ion shampoo & treatment


Key benefit

  • disinfectant effect and blood circulation promotion
    Disinfectant effect on scalp, promote blood circulation
  • anti-acid immunity
    Neutralizing effect on toxins
  • Even if it is acidic
    Good foaming and lathering properties despite being acidic
    Good foaming and lathering
    Less irritation
  • After shampoo
    Reduces damage to hair and strengthens hair to make it last longer.
    Gives bouncy and silky hair


The acidic nature of this product tightens hair, so use a combing product to tighten while conditioning your hair.

* After rinsing well, take an appropriate amount of the product and lather with your fingers, then comb through.

*For best results, leave it on for a little while and rinse it out.

Habeas Shampoo

What it is

It is a hydrogen ion shampoo with pH3.2~4.2. It has an antioxidant effect that neutralizes toxins and makes hair healthy and acidic. Even if you have not had Habeas treatment at a salon, you can use this shampoo on your damaged hair.
By using this product, hair can be nourished with hydrogen ions and antioxidants to create natural shine, bounce, and strength.

Acid Shampoo

Trehalose /Moisturizing
Trehalose has a high moisturizing effect, catches the moisture inside the hair and does not release it easily.

Lycopene /antioxidant effect
Lycopene is considered to be a substance with strong antioxidant properties.
Antioxidants are substances that inhibit the generation and function of reactive oxygen species, or remove reactive oxygen species themselves.

Hematine / antioxidant effect
Hematin repairs the hair’s internal dehiscence and instantly binds to proteins, leading to a bouncier and firmer hair. It also works to remove toxins (drug residues).

Rice fermentation extract/ Moisturizing
Contains more than 100 kinds of beauty ingredients such as more than 20 kinds of amino acids, minerals and vitamins, which are the main components of skin’s natural moisturizing factor (NMF).

Other ingredients: activator / coconut oil fatty acid methyl tau Na / keratin, collagen, narsgen (PPT)

Acid treatment

Key benefit

  • Makes hair more supple and shiny
  • Makes hair less prone to static electricity
  • Resists attracting pollen and dust
  • Easy to tighten without spreading the hair
  • Protects hair from sweat, UV rays, and heat.


After shampooing, dispense an appropriate amount of product into hands, apply to entire hair, comb through and leave for a few moments. Then rinse.

(When using Proton Balance Herbicide, apply CMC Treatment 03 immediately after applying Proton Balance Herbicide, comb through and leave for a while, then rinse.)/span>

The ingredient, which restores damaged hair.

Gamma-docosalactone/ Heat-reactive treatment
The ingredient which restores damaged hair is a heat-reactive treatment that binds to proteins inside the hair when heated by a hair dryer, hair iron or iron.

Contains Nano-Phy, the most well balanced hair repair ingredient for the pH available today.
Nano-Phy is a protein (peptide) with a golden ratio for hair regeneration.

Habeas CMC Treatment 03
Hydrophobic treatment(pH4.5-5.5)

This product stabilizes the oil that tends to flow out of the hair and keeps it in the hair. To enhance this effect, it is formulated with gamma-docosalactone, which is stabilized by heat and adds luster to the hair. By applying sufficient heat with a hair dryer or iron, the oil content is stabilized and the cuticle is tightened to shine. It also contains nano-phy, a protein with excellent internal fixation. Continuous use will lead to healthy hair.

Use this as your daily hair care routine.
       Make your alkaline hair to acidic with Habeas Shampoo and Treatment